Fruitful meetings are purposeful and energizing. They further our learning, strengthen our relationships and propel us toward our goals. We leave those meetings feeling satisfied that our time has been well spent.

As a facilitator, Julie helps the host organization set the stage for a successful meeting or forum. This includes clear objectives, a dynamic agenda and a process that encourages openness and respect. She employs a variety of formats to engage all participants and guide the group’s work. A written summary is provided at the end of the meeting or project.


strategic thinking and planning meetings to help organizations examine their missions, set priorities, and achieve their short- and long-term goals. These can take the form of a single meeting or retreat or a series of meetings over time.

community forums to encourage deliberation on public issues, such as health care, public education, and community development. Julie works with sponsoring organizations on forum design, logistics, discussion guides and publicity.

focus groups to examine people’s attitudes and ideas about particular topics. Julie typically uses focus groups for designing public engagement campaigns, developing public policy recommendations and evaluating programs or services.


Julie is an incredible thinker, listener, and collaborator. When she facilitates a forum, the group benefits from her remarkable ability to listen deeply, to move the conversation forward respectfully, and to synthesize ideas productively.” -- Betty Knighton, Executive Director of the West Virginia Center for Civic Life

"Julie Pratt is one of most phenomenal facilitators I have met. She compassionately assists people in expressing what they are thinking. Julie assists groups in figuring out a win –win situation. She is very understanding and has a cultural competence for today’s diverse population." -- Derrick Gibson, Executive Director, East End Family Resource Center

“Julie led a strategic thinking meeting with our Board and senior managers. She took the time upfront to help us identify our goals for the meeting and structured our time together to achieve them. Julie facilitated the meeting in such a way that we hardly knew she was there. She just kept us moving forward in her quiet, constructive way.” -- Laurie McKeown, Executive Director of TEAM for West Virginia Children

“Julie has remarkable skills and did an outstanding job as our meeting facilitator on several occasions. Julie is not only extremely competent, but also very caring and compassionate. I felt most fortunate to have someone with Julie's expertise working with us.” -- Debbie Short, retired Canon for Congregational Development for the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia


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